Maximize the collection of stars and coins in Homescapes


Are you crazy about puzzles game? If yes then you can download the Homescapes. The game comes with outstanding gameplay, and anyone can easily play. In which we will see an old home and the player need to renovate them, and it is the part of the storyline. Many characters are also in the game, and you interact with them and even live with their stories. The game gives the advantage of making your own story by matching some puzzles objects.

The game has very sharp graphics, and we will enjoy the game very much. There are some types of collectible things, but the most vital are stars and coins. They are an excellent tool for opening many things, but we can also try the second option like Homescapes Cheats.

There are many useful ways of getting stars and coins because they are leading part and every player must collect enough amount of currency.

Daily tasks

Many free currencies we can get by playing daily. In the game, some daily tasks are very helpful for getting a currency. In which you can solve some easy matching puzzles and get some stars and coins. For fetching them, you need to log in daily with your real game ID. Daily tasks are active for some time and after time ends the tasks are inactive.

Promotional events

The makers are always seeking to increase the popularity of the game, so they give some lucrative offers. In the promotional events many sharing options are available. In which we need to share the game app with our friends and get some rewards after completing the event.

Watching videos

Various types of games related ads videos are flashing on the display of the game. You do not skip that because it gives you some amount of currency at the end of the video. You can also add some free stars by online Homescapes Cheats.