Some artists who paid attention to Polaroid


Some artists who paid attention to Polaroid

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  • Andy Warhol whole heartedly accepted the Polaroid camera, and it captured his whole life including his friends and family. He made iconic portraits like ‘Andy Sneezing’ which became quite famous.
  • David Hockney brought a difference to Polaroid art by shooting a scene through different viewpoints and then making a collage out of them. He thought that the time and dedication that went into shooting those moments were really worthy.
  • Walker Evans was mainly a documentary photographer of 1930’s, but he got hold of a Polaroid camera in 1973 and took up to 2500 Polaroids through the unlimited films. He though experience is key to using a camera, but we soon saw the boom in the craze of owning a camera. His works have been published as a book.
  • Robbert Mapplethorpe was quite controversial in his day due to the sexual and homoerotic nature of his photographs. His Polaroids were called instant gratifications by Arthur. C. Danto. His Polaroids included self-portraits and also others and often in scenes of bondage.
  • Helmut Newton loved the spontaneity and freshness of a Polaroid, and he loved to work on his models with it. He took hundreds of them and his wife currently holds exhibitions showing their beauty.
  • Dash Snow was quite different and detached from the usual artistic world. His photographs are unique and show the hedonistic lifestyle of teenagers and young adults. The Polaroids are filled with nudity, drugs, and filth that he captured through his instant camera.


If you think that you want to delve into the world of Polaroid art and have a retro look to your photos, then you can get one of these cameras according to your liking, and you can easily delve into the world of Polaroid art.


  • Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 quite resembles the old school Polaroid cameras, and the prints are larger than the usual instant camera.
  • Lomo’ Instant Wide is the best for serious photographers.
  • Polaroid 600 Type is from The Impossible Project and almost resembles the old Polaroid Camera that was stopped producing.
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 comes with some manual features to tweak things up and is good for beginners.


The Polaroid Art is quite beautiful, and in the age of Instagram, it has started to come back again as it gives the feeling of a bygone era. Be sure to check out the works of the above mentioned artists to get immense inspirations.